Our Objective

To Deliver Flexible And More Convenient Ways To Transact Across All Borders, While Providing Complete Transparency And Low Fees To A Global Audience Within the BIZpaye Ecosystem.

The BIZpaye Team Aims To Offer Ways To Liquidize Idle And Spare Capacity For Small And Medium Sized Enterprises And Help Them Generate More Revenue And Provide A Leaner Business Model.

What Is BIZpaye?

  • Credit Card Style Business That Operates Along The Same Lines Of A Small Bank
  • Global Franchised Transaction Network Operating In 12 Countries & Growing
  • Owned By Global Trade Management Hong Kong Operational Since 2013
  • Core Management Team 100+ Years Experience in Transaction, IT & Tech, Sales & Marketing Industries
  • Our Merchants Trade Millions Of Dollars Of Products & Services Every Month No Cash
  • World's First Variable Currency Transactional Platform
    • Cash
    • Barter Points
    • Reward Points
    • Soon BIZpaye CRYPTO

Virtual Currency = A 50 Year Old Industry

Virtual Currencies Not New

  • Virtual Currencies Such As BIZpaye Crypto Are Not A New  Phenomenon
  • Barter Exchange Industry Have Been Using Online & Offline Virtual Currencies For Over 50 Years
  • As Much As The Fax Machine Was A Precursor To The Email The Barter Currency (BIZpaye) Was The Precursor To Crypto

Virtual Barter Currency

  • BIZpaye Has It's Own Virtual (Barter) Currency
  • Local Trade Currency Is Pegged To The Local Cash Currency For Example
  • 99% Of Governments Recognize Barter Currency Such As BIZpaye Trade Dollars
    • Australia = Trade Dollar or T$
    • Thailand = Trade Baht or TB
    • 1 x Cash $ = 1 x Trade $

BIZpaye Barter Currency

  • Merchants Across The World Use BIZpaye's Barter Currency To Trade Millions Of Dollars  Every Month such as
    • Restaurant Meals
    • Car Repairs
    • Hair Cuts
    • New & Used Cars
    • Purchasing Condos/Apartments & More

How BIZpaye Barter Works

BIZpaye Operates Just Like A Credit Card / Small Bank But Uses A Barter Credit As A Currency

We Issue Members With A Plastic Transaction Card Just Like A Credit Card

Merchants Use Online Banking Software To Access Their Accounts

Merchants Can Transact In Various Ways;

  • Online: Via Their Account
  • Mobile: Our App
  • Via Account Manager (Telephone Authorization)
  • Offline Paper Credit Card Style Voucher