Why BIZpaye CRYPTO ?

Growth - Organically Grown 12 Countries In Just 5 Years - Imagine The Possibilities Post ITO

Currency - BIZpaye CRYPTO Will Become The 4th Currency Available To BIZpaye Merchants

Technology - Current & Future Blockchain Technology Enhancing The Transaction Experience For Our Members & Merchants

Marketplace - Bring To The Blockchain A Real World Marketplace With 1000’s Active Merchants

World First Bizpaye Crypto - Merchants Can Barter Their Goods & Services Through BIZpaye To Purchase Tokens

Why The BIZpaye CRYPTO TOKEN Will Be Unique

Focus On Merchant Growth

  • Most Tokens Focus Efforts Towards Stimulating Only Token Holder Use
  • BIZpaye Focus On Stimulating Merchants To Accept Tokens
  • With An Existing & Growing List Of Merchants Who Accept Tokens, Consumer Token Holders Will Organically Transact Through Increased Opportunities

Pre-Token Purchase Trust

  • Active Marketplaces Already In Place Where Products Are Bought & Sold Everyday
  • New Products Will Come Online Daily For Token Holders To Buy Using BIZpaye CRYPTO
  • Will Drive Many New Merchants To Join Network

​World’s First Barter Industy Token

  • An Allocation Of Tokens Sold On Barter
  • New Merchants Can Sell Excess Products To Other BIZpaye Members & Get Paid In BIZpaye Barter Credits
  • Use Those Barter Credits To Purchase Tokens  

BIZpaye Aims To Solve The Current Problems With Crypto

Anyone Can Create A Token & Launch It As A Currency

But Majority Have No Experience Managing & Developing A Currency & Lack The Ability To Deploy It At A Merchant Level
BIZpaye’s Team Has Decades Of Experience Managing Virtual & Real Currency’s In A Merchant Market

Current Tokens Have Limited Uses When It Comes To Monetization

Most Can Only Be Used For;

  • Investment
  • Trading Between Tokens
  • Converting To Fiat

But What Most People Want Is To Use Crypto In Everyday Retail Spend
BIZpaye Has Solved This With Our Already Establish Merchant Market Operating In 12 Countries, with 1000’s of BIZpaye Merchants That Already Accept Virtual Currency (BIZpaye Barter Credits)

Merchant's Still Require Localized Education & Support To Accept Crypto As A Currency

Take The Case Of BITCOIN, Estimated Only 100k Businesses Accept & There Are No Entities That Actively Recruit New Merchants To Trade & Manage These Merchants On A Daily Basis.

  • Merchants Worldwide Won’t Let Consumers Purchase Products & Services With Crypto Without Trust & Education
  • Merchants Need Localized Contact In Order To Be Educated Before They Will Accept Crypto As A Currency
  • A Merchant Will Not Easily Be Sold Into Trading Goods & Services By A Crypto Token Entity If That Token Entity Is On The Other Side Of The World & Does Not Have Localized Support For The Merchants  

BIZpaye’s Office Network In 12 Countries Has Solved This Issue – BIZpaye Has Been Recruiting & Growing Merchant Networks That Accept Virtual Currencies (Barter Credits) For Many Years Now

The Crypto Industry Is Challenged By The Cart Before The Horse Syndrome

Most Will Ask For Funding Through ICO’s First Then Promise To Build It
BIZpaye Has Already Developed The Foundation Of It’s Merchant Network Over The Past 5 Years
BIZpaye Offers A real World Marketplace For The Blockchain – There’s No Waiting We Are Here & Growing

Current Merchant

Our Current Merchant Base Is BIZpaye Crypto Ready

Virtual Currency Ready

  • BIZpaye Merchant's Already Have An Open Mindset To Accepting Our Virtual Barter Credit Currency
  • Because Of Their Open Mindsets To Accepting A Virtual Currency, The Deployment Of BIZpaye Crypto As A Means To Transact Is A Simple Process

Other Barter Company’s

  • There Are Hundreds Of Other Barter Companies Around The World & Seeking To Link Their Merchants Into The BIZpaye Crypto Ecosystem  Upon Its Deployment
  • This Will Open Up BIZpaye Crypto To 10's Of Thousand's More Merchants Worldwide

Our Merchants Want Crypto

  • Our Existing BIZpaye Merchants Are 100% Behind Our BIZpaye Crypto Project, Here’s Why….
  • 28th Of February 2018
  • 8 Hour Pre-Whitepaper Sale 
  • Thailand Merchants Pre-Purchased  US$2 Million In Tokens.
  • This Proves That Our Merchant's Are Ready For BIZpaye Crypto

The Global Barter Market

Our Market Opportunity = The Global Barter Market

  • $10,364,347,779

  • $9,282,114,489

  • $8,299,573,721

  • $23,001,625,604

  • $22,689,349,366

The World Bank Estimates The Barter Industry Has Grown Dramatically Over The Past 30 Years

  • These Figures Do Not Take Into Account Unrecorded Barter Transactions Which Are Estimated To Be Worth Almost The Same Value In Transactions.
  • Spare Capacity In Every Business Is What This Industry Thrives On.

The World Barter Market Penetration 1980

The World Barter Market Penetration 2016

The World Is Certainly A Different Place For Barter Over The Past 30 Years

Our Market Opportunity = Spare Capacity In Business

Unsold Capacity In Business Today Is Estimated To Be Worth More Than $7 Trillion Dollars

Spare Capacity Is The Ability To Take On More Business Without Increasing Fixed Cost. Spare Capacity Is Also Known As “Downtime, Excess Inventory, Unproductive/Unsold Assets Or Deal Capital” And There Is An Estimated $7 Trillion Dollars Of It World-wide. From Unsold Appointment Time, Empty Hotel Rooms, Unsold Venue Passes, Unfilled Advertising Space, Rapidly Depreciating Stock, End-of-line Items Or Oversupplied Products All Represent Lost Revenue Which Otherwise Will Never Be Recovered.

Imagine If We Could Monetize This Spare Capacity Through A Decentralized Single Crypto Barter Currency

  • Spare Capacity Is A Business & Industry Killer
  • But It Can Also Be A Massive Opportunity For The Crypto Industry
  • Spare Capacity Not Only Touches Traditional Business Goods & Services But More Recently Has Extended To Include The Share Community Industry With Household Names Rising Out Of This Massive Spare Capacity Market Such As;

Whilst Household Names Have Grown Out Of The Community Sharing Spare Capacity Sector, The Focus Of Converting This $7 Trillion Dollar Business Spare Business Capacity Market Through Crypto Has Been Relatively Untouched – Until Now.


Monetizing $7 Trillion Dollars Of Business Spare Capacity Comes In Many Forms


Monetize Idle Stock & Time, Appts


Monetize End Of Line & Slow
Moving Stocks


Monetize Over Production Or Fill Production


Monetize Gov’t Surplus & Waste


Monetize Empty Tables, Rooms, Bookings

BIZpaye Crypto

Our Market Opportunity=Spare Capacity + Barter

Business Spare Capacity

Barter Market