• Global Trade Management Limited September 2013
    The company Global Trade Management Limited (GTM) is established in Hong Kong
  • BlZpaye Philippine December 2013
    BlZpaye Philippine Master Franchise Signed
  • BlZpaye Australia February 2014
    BlZpaye Australia Master Franchise Signed
  • BlZpaye Corporate Division June 2015
    BlZpaye Corporate Division Commences (GTM) Hong Kong
  • Licensee Program December 2015
    BlZpaye Licensee Program Commences
  • Platinum Member Card December 2016
    BlZpaye Platinum Member Card Launched
  • BlZpaye CRYPTO R&D October 2017
    BlZpaye CRYPTO R&D Commences
  • BIZpaye Cambodia January 2018
    BIZpaye Cambodia Master Franchise Signed
  • BIZpaye Norway February 2018
    BIZpaye Norway Master Franchise Signed
  • Cashless Early Bird Token Pre-Sale Commences February 2018
    BIZpaye CRYPTO Cashless Early Bird Sale Commences
  • Website & Marketing Completed March 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Website & Marketing Completed
  • Whitepaper April 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Whitepaper Commenced
  • Legal, KYC & AML May 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Legal, KYC & AML Compliance
  • Token Minting November 2018
    Token Contract Uploaded To Blockchain
  • Token Distribution Commences April 2019
    BIZpaye CRYPTO Token Distribution Commences
  • Core Strategy Rollout Continues June 2019 & Beyond
    BIZpaye CRYPTO Core Strategy Rollout Commences
    Crypto Merchant Rewards Program
    Variable Transaction App Fiat / Trade / Crypto
    Merchant Recruitment & Growth All Countries
    Expansion Of Existing Crypto Ecommerce Platform
    White Label Crypto Exchange For The Barter Industry
    BIZpaye Token Generating Platform For The Barter Industry
    BIZpaye Swap Platform - Convert Poor Performing Tokens Assets To BIZpaye Crypto
    Collaboration With Existing Ecommerce Platforms For Crypto Adaptation  
  • BIZpaye Hong Kong October 2013
    BlZpaye Hong Kong Master Franchise Signed
  • Trading Commences January 2014
    BlZpaye Trading System Commences Operation
  • BlZpaye India March 2014
    BlZpaye India Master Franchise Signed
  • Radio BlZpaye November 2015
    Radio BlZpaye Commences Broadcasting
  • BlZpaye Germany April 2016
    BlZpaye Germany Master Franchise Signed
  • Crypto Project Team September 2017
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Project Team Formed
  • BlZpaye Dubai November 2017
    BlZpaye Dubai Master Franchise Signed
  • BIZpaye Canada January 2018
    BlZpaye Canada Master Franchise Signed
  • BIZpaye USA February 2018
    BIZpaye USA Master Franchise Signed
  • Cashless Early Bird Token Pre-Sale Ends March 2018
    BIZpaye CRYPTO Pre-Sale & Cashless Early Bird Sale Ends More Than US$ 2 Million Sold
  • New Barter Software Launched April 2018
    New BlZpaye Trade Transaction Software Release
  • Lite Paper Released April 2018
    BIZpaye CRYPTO Lite Paper Released
  • Token Swap Platform Development July 2018
    BlZpaye CRYPTO Token Swap Platform Development Commences
  • 1st Exchange Listing Dec 2018
    Token listed on the Proassetz Exchange put on trading halt until early 2019
  • Token Swap Platform Beta Testing Febuary 2019
    BIZpaye Token Swap Platform Deployed For Pre-Market Testing
  • Token Trading Commences April 2019
    BIZpaye CRYPTO Token Trading Commences on the Proassetz Exchange
  • 2nd Exchange Listing July 2019
    Token listed of the DOBI Exchange
  • Country & Merhcant Growth Continues Throughout 2019 & Beyond
    BIZpaye CRYPTO Country & Merhcant Growth Through Collaborations & Co-Branding
    BIZpaye Trade & Crypto Through 2019 Has Already Successfully Rebranded or Co-Branded
    Several Canadian & North American Barter / Trade Businesses
    Not Only Will Target Growth Be Globally, But Special Focus Will Be Placed On Regions Such As;
    North & South America
    Central & Northern Asia & Asean Countries
    Europe & The Middle East
    Interested Parties Can Contact The BIZpaye Corporate Team Direct